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Social media management that fits you!

Hey Now takes care of your channel.

Hey, great to have you here! At Hey Now, we're all about making sure your social media presence rocks without you having to break a sweat. Check out what we can do for you:

  • Strategic planning
  • Professional implementation & support
  • Content Production
  • Community Management
  • Reporting

    Strategic planning

    We don't just dive in; instead, we sit down with you first and draw out everything you wish for your social media presence. Then, we develop a cool strategy that fits you and your brand.

    We develop a customized strategy that takes into account your goals and your target audience, ensuring that your social media activities are effective.


    Whether you already have social media profiles or not, we'll spruce them up or update them to make them look really good. Unsere Betreuung umfasst alles, was du brauchst, um deine Social-Media-Präsenz zu optimieren:

    • Professional profile creation or updating
    • Regular posting of high-quality content
    • Creation of a detailed content plan
    • Creation of suitable captions
    • Flexibility in content production


    Content Production

    We understand that every brand is unique. That's why we're super flexible. Do you need your own content or would you rather use ours? No problem, we'll do it the way that works best for you.

    We don't just offer content production, but bring your vision to life in photos and videos. From planning through shooting to editing and further processing into Reels and Instagram Stories – we take care of everything.

    Julia Klempka

    Community Managm.

    At Hey Now, we're not just professionals at posting, but also at hanging out in the comments. We ensure that your community feels heard and understood. With engagement and authenticity, we build a vibrant and committed community that loves your brand. From responding to comments to actively interacting with your target audience – we take care of growing and nurturing your community.

    Analyse & Reporting

    Numbers aren't just numbers to us – they're the key to your success on social media. We regularly analyze the insights of your channels. Our reports provide you with insights into the performance of your social media presence. From reach to engagement – we keep an eye on everything and keep you updated.

    Let’s shine together