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Content Production

Book a Content Day with Hey Now.

Welcome to the world of Hey Now, where we bring your visions to life and make your content shine! With our content production services, we're ready to catapult your brand to the next level and captivate your community.

Book a Content Day with us, where we meet either on-site or at a specific location of your choice. We'll showcase your products, services, or your personal brand, ensuring you shine your brightest. Whether it's a photo shoot day, ready-to-go reels, or a video content day, we offer multiple options! 


    It all starts with a special moment – a 60-90-minute Get-to-know Call that's more than just a conversation. It's an opportunity to get to know each other and delve deeper into the world of your brand. We want to understand who you are, who your customers are, and what makes your content unique.

    Because only when we truly understand your brand can we direct our focus precisely on what you need. Our goal is to develop a customized content plan that aligns perfectly with you and your objectives. A plan that not only clearly communicates your message but also reflects your personality and unique style.



    Together with you, we plan the details for your shoot down to the smallest detail. We sit down to find the optimal time and location. Do you need models? We take care of that. And of course, we discuss your outfits and accessories to ensure that everything harmonizes perfectly.

    Every scene is carefully thought out, and we use mood boards for inspiration so that we can bring your vision to life together.

    Authentic, Efficient & Flexible.

    Our goal is to produce authentic content that makes your brand shine and communicates your message clearly. We work efficiently so that you can recycle the content and use it over multiple months.

    Even though we have a plan, we are open to flexibility and creativity during the Content Day. Book us for 2-3 hours or a full day – we offer multiple options so you get exactly what you need.

    Julia Klempka


    Are you ready to take your business and brand to the next level? Perhaps you already have social media profiles and an impressive brand identity that impresses every visitor to your Instagram page. But maybe there's still that final touch missing?

    Or perhaps you feel like your brand identity is a bit outdated and it's time for a new image? We offer custom branding shoots – strategically planned photoshoots that provide you with a selection of cohesive images that you can consistently use.

    Video Content Day

    We offer Video Content Days where you can book us for 2-3 hours or a full day. Together, we meet at a location of your choice.

    We take the time to highlight you, your service, or your products. Through staged scenes and genuine moments, we capture the essence of your brand. We adapt to current seasons to ensure your content is always fresh and relevant.

    And the best part? You get all the raw content that you can further process yourself. Use it for Instagram Stories, individual snippets for Reels, or edit multiple snippets into an epic Reel. Just as you like – we'll find the right option for you!

    Reels & Campaigns

    It's no secret: short videos are the trend of the hour on social media. Instagram Reels allow you to captivate young audiences, achieve high engagement rates, and increase your reach. That's why we support you with production. Depending on what is desired, we create a complete concept for a Content Day, produce short clips that you can further process yourself (story and reel content), or deliver ready-made Reels.

    Together with you, we plan the details of your campaign down to the smallest detail. We sit down to find the optimal time and location, taking into account the time-sensitive campaigns as well as short- and medium-term successes that are part of your overall content marketing strategy. Tailored to your social media strategy, we work with you to create a custom campaign focused on a clear and measurable conversion goal.

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